PlanePlotter User Guide

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This is a comprehensive user guide for the PlanePlotter virtual radar software program that receives and decodes live digital position reports from aircraft and plots their positions and movements on air traffic control type charts. PlanePlotter provides a radar-like display of not only local aircraft but aircraft around the world that are transmitting the digital messages in the ACARS, ADS-B and HFDL formats. PlanePlotter plots aircraft positions, altitudes and times decoded from the message traffic that it receives including embedded position reports, AMDAR reports and ADS reports contained in ACARS messages and ADS-B position reports received by a variety of virtual radar boxes including the Kinetic-Avionic's SBS1(tm), AirNav System's RadarBox(tm), the PlaneGadget Radar and the Mode-S Beast virtual radar receivers. The book has some 300 pages and includes 200 illustrations and diagrams. The latest edition covers the functions of Multilateration, Beamfinder and Conditional Expressions.